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Land Title Survey (Boundary & Improvement Survey)

A boundary or property survey for the purpose of conveyance with title insurance. Site improvements are required. (needs Title Commitment/Report or City Planning Letter)

Standard Land Survey (Boundary Survey)

A boundary or property survey for any purpose except title insurance. Site improvements are not required (except streets, utilities, and water courses). Survey plat showing the location of boundary corners and property lines accompanied by a metes & bounds description.   

Route Survey (Utility Survey)

For the location of linear projects such as roads, fuel or utility transmission lines, canals ect.


Locative Survey (Form or Slab Survey)

For the location for installation of buildings, structures or other facilities in regard to boundaries. Survey exhibit showing the location of the form boards in relation to property lines, building lines          and easements.

Construction Survey (As-Built & Construction Staking Survey)

For use in project work, after Locative survey, carrying through to a final or "as-built" survey (center-line and/or offset staking for laying out roads, utilities, buildings, etc). 

Topographic Survey (Survey for Design)

Includes cross sections, profiles and contouring, drainage survey, determination of volumes or                quantities, etc. Site improvements located with elevations referenced to a Benchmark. Generally            includes all visible site utilities with invert elevations at manholes and inlets. 

Horizontal Control Survey

Includes Geodetic network for other projects including boundary control, route, locative or construction, planimetric or photometric assignments.

Vertical Control Survey

For use in conjunction with any other project, includes level loops, tidal studies, subsidence, construction, ect.


A boundary or property survey for the purpose of conveyance with title insurance. Site improvements are required. "Simply stated the purpose of a 2011 ALTA/NSPS Survey is to remove the "Survey Exception Language" from the Title Insurance policy for both Owner's and Lender's Title insurance coverage, what is also commonly referred to as providing Extended Coverage. From a pragmatic point of view the extent that the standards can be deviated from is purely dependent on the willingness of the Title Insurer to provide the insurance coverage required by the buyer and/or lender for the real property transaction." (First American Title website, June 5, 2013)

Elevation Certificate

FEMA Elevation Certificate identifying the flood and non-flood hazard areas where the property is        located, along with the elevation of any buildings.

GIS Surveys & Products

Our trained staff can help you create a custom map to your specifications using private geospatial data or other public sources. For use in developing relational location for boundaries, natural or man-made objects as elements of mapping applications.

  • Fishing Map: This map combines Bathymetry, Fish Attractors, Orthoimagery and Transportation datasets.

  • Ranch Map:  Includes data from the Original Texas Land Survey, National Hydrography Dataset, StratMap Hypsography, County Boundaries, Transportation and Elevation Contours.

  • Custom County Maps: These maps can serve as basic reference maps and base maps.

Oil & Gas Survey

Pipeline staking, well location staking, etc. 

Tree Survey

Locate trees with size, type and drip line. Could be combined with Arborist's report and/or tree tag numbers.  

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